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Birthday is October 16th, Free Birthday Horoscope October. Free Horoscope for those who was born on October and whose zodiac sign is Libra.

As the Sun reaches the peak of your chart, success might be easier to come by, and there could be opportunities for progression. However, remember that it might be an idea to follow the path that allows you to freely bloom. Child Astrology Report. Virgo : Some people seem to be more naturally enthusiastic than others. However, we all have the capacity to be passionate, usually when something inspires and excites us.

As the Sun journeys through your house of adventure and expansion, you might feel more enthusiastic than normal.


Perhaps an idea or a plan has gripped you with excitement. Perhaps you feel inspired by something. Want a birthday to birthday practical guide to help you recognize opportunities and to learn from them. Astrological Solar Return Report. What is your fear? Perhaps it manifests as anxiety, insecurity, jealousy, or anger.

Whenever we have a negative emotion, we can be sure that fear is at its root.


For example, a fear of flying can be eased by making yourself get on a few planes, but jealousy or nagging anxiety is a little less obvious and potentially harder to resolve. As the Sun journeys through your house of transformation, you have a golden opportunity to connect with your secret fear and bring it into the light. There are no mistakes or wrong turns. Ultimately, there is nothing to fear. Want to know the actual dates when the energies will influence your life in money, career, relationships, and communicaton?

Astro Forecast Report 3 months. Scorpio : It seems nothing is more important than having loving relationships in your life.

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Can I be more loving, forgiving, tolerant and compassionate? Can I let down my defenses long enough to let someone in? Want a one year forecast to understand the scope of influence for your personal Cards of Destiny?

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Cards of Destiny Report. Are your daily routines paving the way for a happy future, or are they setting you up for problems? A goodbye kiss for your partner as you head off to work could be securing a future happy relationship, and putting your spare change into a pot at the end of the day could form part of your future nest egg. Contemplating a move?

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Old-school astrological images of constellations and line-drawn star signs have been replaced by pastel illustrations and mixed media collages. The dominant look is nostalgic but not staid. HelloGiggles offers beauty trends as predicted by your Zodiac sign. It can be disquieting, and maybe a little dangerous, to see otherwise journalistic publications look to pseudoscience for answers.

Many successful modern astrologists adopt a wry distance to their subject matter, a departure from the sincere and anodyne advice of traditional newspaper astrologers.

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The Daily Hunch addresses the issue head-on. Koyfman, presents astrology as a way of filtering the world through a specific narrative. Twitter allows astrologers to push out updates to fans that keep pace with the news, and A.

Amanda Hess is a David Carr Fellow. How does your zodiac rank? Astrofame The 5 most stubborn and uncompromising zodiac signs Astrofame This is your most attractive trait, according to your zodiac sign Reader's Digest The 5 most superficial zodiac signs: How vain are you? Astrofame The one burning question each zodiac sign must answer Astrofame.

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