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Birthday is October 16th, Free Birthday Horoscope October. Free Horoscope for those who was born on October and whose zodiac sign is Libra.

Moon in Scorpios, for instance, fear their own deep emotions. This contributes as to why they are so defensive. If you understand the meaning of the planets, and you really understand the meaning of the signs, you can kind of understand how certain qualities seem to fit less smoothly with others. Considering what the Moon is all about, you can kind of see how Scorpio, just knowing what Scorpio is about, could be challenging. Detriment -Usually when the planet is in the sign opposite its ruling sign. Instead of being at home, this planet is in a place that is totally opposite.

Regardless, the planet feels a little out-of-place. Think of an individual who is nice and sweet in real life acting in a role as an evil, selfish person. It feels insincere. The individual might feel very uncomfortable in the role. When the planet is in this sign, it becomes threatened. Similarly, natives with the position often feel threatened, which leads to them worrying about the situation.

For instance, Sun is in detriment in Aquarius. These individuals may make excellent leaders and parental figures. However, they often worry about losing their independence and freedom. They both like the spotlight and fear the expectations coming from demanding individuals. They tend to worry a little too much. From my experience, the effects of a detriment happen more on an intimate level than on a mass or public scale. Using Sun in Aquarius, for example, they tend to make great leaders and bosses because they are altruistic and humane.

They like working in teams and they are full of genius ideas on how to better humanity. But on the more personal level, they are distant, cold, and aloof. They hardly ever show the same care and compassion for their families that they do for the world. In fact, they tend to break free from their intimates. Of course, with enough insight, anyone is capable of reversing the effects of a detriment.

They really are going to have to make sacrifices. It is just as they fear. Sometimes, they will have to give up their freedom and independence if they want to remain in the spotlight. They will have to try a balancing act: maintaining distance when necessary, but allowing warmth to peep in through the clouds at least some of the time. This is a lesson for all detrimental positions. That will be important when learning about the next important thing: houses.

On the right side of the chart, you might notice a big wheel with 12 black dividing lines, each labeled 1 through 12 towards the center of the wheel. Each line points to a sign. You might see a bunch of symbols and red and blue lines in the middle of these black lines. The black lines are pointing to what are called the 12 houses. There are 12 zodiac signs, and there are 12 houses. In order to get the right reading for your 12 houses, you need to know your birth time.

The houses look like slices on a pizza. The house ends when it reaches the next numbered line pointing to a sign. Each planet represented by the symbols fits into one of the twelve houses, which represents 12 parts of our outer life. The houses are similar to the 12 signs.

In the chart above, the symbol for Venus is in the house labeled 2. This means Venus in Leo is in the 2nd house. So though Venus is in Leo, it is in the 2nd house. All of the houses have special meaning, just like the planets and signs do. Combine the meaning of the houses between all charts above so you readers can get the full picture of what the houses mean in our lives. By combining the charts above, you can really get an in-depth picture of your outer and inner life.

Venus is the planet of pleasure, love, beauty, romance, femininity, and art, according to the chart about planets, right? Leo is creative and popular, dominating and forceful, as well as prideful, based on one of the chart about signs. This means that HOW Chelsie expresses her femininity is through creative avenues. Artistically, she is creative and may be interested in performing arts, as it gives her popularity.

She may be generous with her efforts and resources when it comes to art. She expresses her beauty, or rather adorns herself, in a creative way and may want others to notice how stylish she is. Now, all of this is inside the 2nd house. This means where she expresses her love of creative art and beauty, as well as her proud femininity, is in areas concerning the 2nd house.

The charts above relate the 2nd house to money and values, possessions, daily routine, inner and outer resources, work, and other things. In the way she makes money, in her system of values, reflected in her possessions or the stuff she buys. She is likely to buy creative stuff and items that give her popularity. She is probably more willing to make money doing something that reflects her creative artistry. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and Taurus is often associated with the 2nd house, so Venus is considered comfortable and strong in this house. The 2nd house also reveals work, her environment, and daily routine.

Possibly, she gets a chance to show off her beautiful works of art all the time and has plenty of time to create things for herself. The chart owner is rich, by the way. Of course, each house relates individually to us. Cusp signs represent our overall expression or outlook of the houses in the outside world. The sign that black line is pointing to is the Ascendant or Rising sign.

Each house points to a cusp sign. This means her 1st house cusp is Cancer. Often, again, this is called the Ascendant or Rising house because the 1st house represents our outer self to others, our physical appearance, our awareness, etc. So, people tend to see Chelsie as sensitive and all about her friends.

They see her as imaginative and intuitive. This is just a brief example. The 1st house is what we are aware of when it comes to ourselves. Besides the houses, you may see red and blue lines on the chart. You may also see a few dotted lines on there, too. These lines are really from one planet to another. Try to trace them and see for yourself. The lines can be hard to figure out. This is why you can also look at the symbols that represent these Aspects. These symbols are in the area beneath the planets in signs table to the left of the wheel.

They are set up in columns and rows. You may see little red , blue , black , and even green symbols. The most important symbols are the red and blue symbols, much like the red and blue lines on the big wheel. The minor aspects, represented by little black and green symbols, are represented by barely visible dotted lines on the wheel, mixed in there with the red and blue lines.

The minor ones will be easier once you get the basics. Aspects show the relationship one planet has with another planet. The blue symbols and lines on the wheel represent positive aspects. It means that the two planets connected get along in your life so well, you can find hidden talents within their relationship.

The two positive aspects are trines and sextiles. The aspects are sort of determined by this relationship mostly the degree is the indicator as to what aspect is forming, which are those little numbers listed next to the planets on the wheel and listed next to the signs on the table on the natal chart, but normally understanding the signs can help understand where these degrees lay on a natal chart without having to memorize the numbers. The signs are usually divided by element, energy, and mode. This is important to consider to better understand aspects.

Let me explain this a little. Aries is always the first sign when analyzing the signs. That is the day the Sun, the luminary all the other planets and luminaries revolve around, enters the constellation of Aries. The others follow in the order listed above. When dividing the signs by elements, they are listed every four signs, starting with Aries. So Aries starts off as fire, Taurus is earth, Gemini is air, and Cancer is water. Then the pattern starts over with the next sign, with Leo being fire, Virgo is earth, Libra as air, and Scorpio as a water sign.

It continues.

Polarity: Opposite Zodiac Signs

Fire signs are usually opposite one Air sign each, and Earth signs are usually opposite one Water sign each. So Aries, the first sign, is Yin. Taurus, the next sign, is Yang. Gemini, the one after, is Yin. Cancer after that is Yang. And the pattern continues. Modes are decided every three signs. The signs are usually divided into threes. The three modes they represent are Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, therefore it is listed under the first mode and leads the cardinal energy.

Every three signs, another cardinal is listed. So Aries, Taurus, Gemini starts the first three modes. Taurus is the first fixed sign. Gemini is the first mutable sign. Then Cancer begins the next cycle of modes, with Cancer being the second cardinal, and Leo and Virgo following as the next fixed and mutable signs, and the pattern continues. This indicates that the two planets flow smoothly or easily with one another. With Venus and Mars considering the meaning of the planets having this aspect, it can indicate that the romantic life flows smoothly with the sex life. This usually indicates that the two planets mildly support one another.

With Venus and Mars having this aspect, it could indicate that the romantic life mildly supports the sex life. Example: A planet in Aries would normally sextile a planet in Gemini and Aquarius since they are both Yin signs with a different element Gemini and Aquarius are air signs, Aries is a fire sign and they are also of different modes Gemini is mutable and Aquarius is fixed, while Aries is cardinal.

Notice the beginning of a star is taking shape. If planets enter into these locations, they would form a star shape. The red lines and red symbols represent the more powerful aspects. These aspects represent struggle or powerful urges that are difficult to handle or channel. These aspects are called Conjunct, Square, and Opposition. A conjunct usually happens between two planets within the SAME sign.

What is your opposite sign or complementary sign in astrology?

The planets in the same sign are usually right next to each other on the natal wheel, and they are usually in the same sign. For example, if Venus is in Aries, it may conjunct Mars in Aries. With Venus and Mars having this aspect, it can indicate that the romantic life almost gets confused for or mixed with the sex life and vice versa. If Moon and Venus have this aspect, a want or desire gets confused and mixed with the emotional needs and vice versa. This indicates that there is conflict between the two planets.

With Venus and Mars having this aspect, it could indicate that there seems to be some conflict between your romantic life and your sex life. Usually, the two planets are positioned at opposite ends of the natal wheel. If you see this aspect, you will see a red line connecting from one end of the wheel to the other, east to west, north to south. This means the planets are in opposite signs. For example, if Venus is in Aries, it may be in opposition to Mars in Libra both being Cardinal and Yang energy, but Aries is a fire sign and Libra is an air sign. In this situation, one planet is pulling the individual away from the other.

They are interfering with one another. In this case, it can indicate that the romantic life seems to interfere with or pull the individual away from the sex life and vice versa. These people sometimes have a hard time finding a partner that can meet both needs. Notice the stars on this example are exactly across from each other.

They are on opposite sides of the wheel. The stars would be the planets in those opposite signs. They are barely 1 degree or orb apart. This means they square on the natal chart almost exactly. This is a very powerful aspect. This person has Sun square Moon. Aspects affect houses as well.

For instance, Sun in Leo is in 2nd house and Moon in Taurus is in the 11th house. Squaring planets usually are at least 8 degrees wide before people relate to them. Trines can be up to 5 degrees apart though this is debatable , and sextiles are usually only felt by those people with the degrees or orbs that really tight.

Minor aspects are hardly felt, but if there is only 1 degree between them, they will be felt. On astro. This chart is more detailed, but may be confusing for you. Skyscript -To read more about your Planetary Aspects.

What are the Elements?

I hope this article helped make the natal chart a little more understandable. This benevolent planet reminds us that, at the end of the day, we deserve love. Venus's attitude is also influenced by which astrological house it occupies. The birth chart is divided into twelve segments , referred to as "houses," each representing a different area of life. For instance, someone with a Leo Venus in the sixth house which represents your daily routines may always be seeking opportunities to perform and attract attention within their office environment.

Alternatively, an individual who has Gemini Venus in their second house, which symbolizes personal finances, may achieve monetary success by pursuing multiple careers or side hustles simultaneously. Your birth chart is a fully functioning ecosystem. It comes pre-assembled; there are no missing parts or broken pieces. The planets tell a story, and as you continue to study their positions — their signs, locations, and relationships with the other celestial bodies — you begin to unlock your unique cosmic narrative.

Your chart exists for a reason, but it's up to you to interpret your individual truth. Venus's mission is to give and get pleasure, or what the planet perceives as pleasure is dictated by its zodiac sign. Once you discover which sign Venus occupies for you do this by calculating your natal chart , use these descriptions of Venus sign meanings as a jumping-off point for further exploration. Aries are strong and mighty warriors.

Even Venus — the most sensual planet in the sky — is no match for the fiery energy of an Aries. When Venus occupies Aries, it thrives on competition: They simply love the chase.

The Zodiac Signs: Astrology of the Signs

People with Aries Venus adore flirtatious romances that are defined by physical touch, exciting spontaneity, and of course some playful bickering to keep the flame burning. Taurus is governed by Venus, so these combined energies blend harmoniously. As an earth sign, Taurus loves to indulge its five sense through luxurious fabrics, enchanting aromas, and gentle caresses. Although Taurus Venus's are extremely romantic, they also know how to advocate for what they want. Taurus Venus needs a relationship that's rooted in reality — if this sign feels unsupported, they will seek comfort elsewhere.

As an air sign, Gemini is all about communication. Likewise, a Gemini Venus is drawn to information like a moth to a flame. Expression is critical for the Gemini Venus soul, so those born under this chatty sky find pleasure when pursuing their curiosities. Moreover, since Gemini also is linked to local community, for Venus Gemini, there is often no distinction between friend and lover — in fact, Gemini Venus prefers the ambiguity.

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Hey, it's more fun that way. Cancer, symbolized by the crab, protects its soft interior with a tough exterior. In order for these celestial crustaceans to open up, they need to feel safe and secure. Accordingly, nothing is more rewarding to a Cancer Venus than building a relationship based on trust, loyalty, and protection.

Just as the crab carries its domicile on its back, Cancer Venus is happiest when building a partnership that feels like home. Leo governs the heart, and fittingly, those born under the Leo Venus sky are true romantics. Regal and generous, Leo Venus loves to worship and be worshiped by their partners.

This fiery Venus idealizes the concept of a "power couple" — after all, Venus Leo is constantly seeking its co-ruler. For Leo Venus, a partnership is personal, because they see it as a reflection of their own identity. So, when this sign feels rejected, proceed with caution, as lions can also be extremely ferocious.

Virgo Venus people love to problem-solve, and fittingly, seek a partnership that is based on reciprocity.

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Virgo's earthy energy is practical and organized, so when fused with sensual Venus, this placement is wooed by thoughtful acts of service. Small and subtle gestures make Virgo Venus's heart aflutter. For these sweet lovers, there is truly nothing more romantic than when their closest companion lends a helping hand. In addition to Taurus, Venus also governs Libra, so Venus is extremely comfortable working with Libra energy. However, while Taurus Venus is all about physical sensuality, Libra Venus is much more cerebral. Symbolized by the scales, Libra is obsessed with balance, harmony, and symmetry.

Fittingly, Libra Venus people are total aesthetes. Those born with this placement love indulging their exquisite style and taste within their partnerships. Simply put, Libra Venus needs to be in a relationship that looks good. Scorpions are shadow dwellers, and similarly, celestial Scorpios derive their dynamic power from the unseen realms.

When sensual Venus occupies this sign, it is enchanted by intense, mysterious, and karmic bonds. Scorpio Venus loves anything with a dash of danger, so those born under this elusive sky crave deep, erotic intimacy that illuminates from the inside. Sagittarius is associated with travel, discovery, and philosophy. Fittingly, when the planet of love occupies this sign, Venus's gaze shifts from romance to rodeos.

People with Sagittarius Venus are drawn to explorers, nomads, and daredevils.

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Adventure is a huge turn-on for these fiery lovers, but nothing excites Sagittarius Venus more than a good sense of humor. Sagittarius Venus love to be entertained, so laughter will always be their number one aphrodisiac. Capricorn is the boss of the zodiac, and those with Capricorn Venus are always seeking their proverbial daddy.

Although Venusian energy is tempered by Capricorn's signature stoicism, this planet finds its erotic outlet by experimenting with power dynamics and role play. Because Capricorn abides by the "all work and no play" mantra, people born under the Capricorn Venus get off on pushing these limits.