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Birthday is October 16th, Free Birthday Horoscope October. Free Horoscope for those who was born on October and whose zodiac sign is Libra.

Special tips for the month enhance expression, avoid being cynical. You might find that you have a great yearning to become a star. Your domestic life could be a little problematic at this point, where you will have trouble understanding where you really are right now.

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Keep both eyes open; there are some illusions and misconceptions that could trip you. Make time for daily meditative practices and get involved, where possible, with charitable and ministerial activities. The hectic pace of your career is slowing down this month. It is good to focus on functioning away from your emotional comfort zone. Establishing a stable domestic base will be more difficult, but you have the will to do it.

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If this is hard to believe, it's because no one told you that it's safe to be — and do, and have — anything you want. Your past doesn't need to reflect on your future. At the moment, things are either coming together in a big way, or you're hoping and praying that they will. The idea that everything is at stake makes you wonder if you're big, or clear, or pure enough to hold space for it all. No one can do this but you, so what's it going to be?

When it's all or nothing, there is only one choice; don't diminish yourself by thinking that you can't handle this. Why does it seem like everything is coming to a head? This could be a good thing if it means that things are coming to fruition. The idea that all of your best efforts are about to be realized, is blowing your mind. If that is the case, all you have to do is keep applying yourself to the tasks at hand, hold steady, and remain in the flow.

For others? Who knows? Not to be a downer, but if you're making excuses, whining about the past, expecting too much from life and other people, or refusing to look at the part that you played in creating this scenario, you're totally stuck. You have so many irons in the fire, and more than a few challenges to meet. God knows how you're going to get through this, but life never gives us more than we can handle. In and around these preoccupations, others keep expecting you to be there for them.

Somehow, it's always at times like this that people pull on your apron strings. The extent to which you need to make room for them is up to you. You're only human, after all. Everything seems to be under control. There is the sense that you are on top of things — for the time being, at least. The next move is still up in the air, as you debate the sense it makes to either fish or cut bait. What lies up on the road ahead could go either way.

It will help you to consider the extent to which you feel ready to handle even more responsibility than you have at the moment, and do whatever it takes to make things easier on yourself. You're riding a double-edged sword. Within all of this, keep the love alive and your heart focused on whatever the lesson is. Stay on top of Detroit news and views.

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Jump to comments. Tags: Horoscopes. Was I outgoing and fun or just overbearing and loud? A deep existential crisis loomed, but a lesson followed. What being a Gemini has taught me is that perception is everything. Ultimately, we have no definitive way of knowing whether western astrology is real or just several thousand years worth of confirmation bias, but I still love my whimsical, versatile, curious Gemini nature.

You can follow Mimi on Instagram and Twitter. The first thing most people associate with the star sign of Cancer is emotion. We feel deeply, sometimes obsessively, and our loyalty knows no bounds. We are creative, competitive, and independent.

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When I downloaded my birth chart, at the age of 19, I realised these attributes that I thought were a curse for so long are actually an incredible gift. One example is that cancers can be emotionally manipulative, and realising this has helped me form and maintain healthier relationships. I have astrology to thank for a huge part of my journey to self-love, acceptance and happiness, and I am proud to be a Cancer.

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You can follow Georgina on Instagram and Twitter. The dramatics, passion, creativity, and loyalty associated with Leos are definitely a fit with my personality. However, my rising sign is Pisces and my moon and Venus are in Cancer, and these feel like important signifiers of my personality, too. You can follow Erin on Twitter and her website.

Everyone thinks that being a Virgo means being super neat and organised. My bedroom could be completely torn apart, but I could tell you exactly where a hair tie or a pen is within that mess! You can follow Carlie on Instagram and Twitter. What a relief it was in my teenage years to discover that these qualities are all common in my star sign: Libra. I grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Glasgow and often felt isolated, so discovering astrology was my first experience of feeling a part of something bigger.

I think that horoscopes are great because it gives you a framework within which you can get to know yourself. If you asked me how Libra I am, the only answer I could reasonably give is extremely. And if Libras are also said to have a great aesthetic, and be one of the most romantic signs, who am I to argue with the stars?

You can follow David on Instagram and Twitter and can subscribe to his newsletter here. Despite the sometimes unwelcome tendency towards jealousy and manipulation, Scorpios are also passionate, loyal, intuitive and brave. I think my fiery and stubbornly opinionated personality when I was growing up has always led me to identify strongly with the inherent characteristics of my astrological sign.

However, as I age into my mid-twenties I also think a lot of that may have been hot-headed youth and passion. I now find myself to be much more balanced, still heatedly debating a topic I feel strongly about, but also much happier to take a back seat in decision making.