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Birthday is October 16th, Free Birthday Horoscope October. Free Horoscope for those who was born on October and whose zodiac sign is Libra.

Make sense? Now, this doesn't mean we can completely ignore our zodiac sign. On the contrary, our sun sign still plays a significant role, as it represents our ego and soul purpose. There's a big difference. Your rising sign, which is also referred to as your ascendant, is the zodiac sign that was rising over the eastern horizon on your exact time of birth. If you are not familiar with your rising sign, you can find out here.

Once you know your exact time of birth, and have already pulled up your chart, you'll notice that your rising sign is located at the 9 o'clock point on the zodiac wheel, which is also the first house on your natal chart. In fact, you can have a look here , and see for yourself.

In the meantime, here's a quick recap of each of the astrological houses , what zodiac sign they belong to, and their overall meaning, for your reference:. What is the first sign in the zodiac? Seventh House in Aquarius makes you independent in relationships. You want a partner who shares the need of individuality and independence like you do. This could bring in some issues in the relationship, since you would come across as more dominant one in the relationship and want things your way.

Your marriage will work if you stay detached from your partner and control your wish to dominate. Always in need of companionship, you have Eleventh House in Gemini. You have a lot of friends, which you need for talking, gossiping and share your views. But your are not very attached to them.

MORE IN Relationships

You need friends who are at same mental level as you. You have friends belonging to different status and class of society. Your keep on jumping from one life dream to another. This was your attitude towards Relationships as defined in your Birth Chart. Now, decode below your attitude towards self, Career and Emotions. Do you know? Your Sun Sign is different than the one you know. Read here more about your Vedic Sun Sign! Virgo as Second House makes you very particular in financial matters.

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You pay careful attention to your money matters and though have small expenditures under control, you may not be quite careful when spending on luxuries. You may be prone to spending at your whim, which could get you into trouble. When you are weak financially, it may take a toll on your physical health too. You know how you want to spend your money and keep track of every single penny. A self-disciplinary at work is what Sixth House in Capricorn makes you.

You prefer stability in job and try sticking to a job as long as possible. You are either too fond of work and do it with great concentration or avoid it altogether.

Leo Rising

Mostly interested in the end-result and not the path taken, you are the one who prefers strict discipline in work. You try to be responsible towards your work as well as health.

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  • With Tenth House in Taurus, you are inclined to earn more to spend more on luxuries. You want to be seen as the one with great wealth and high status, no matter how your current situation is. You take your time in creating your career and profession.

    You love to be the one in authority at the workplace and may find it difficult to get along with your subordinates. Artistic professions appeal to you and you would do well in fields related to beauty, luxuries, finance, comforts and such.

    What Is A Rising Sign?

    Anything that provides you stability and pleasure, would be preferable by you. This child is self-confident and full of self-trust. If the situation allows, he will try to take the lead and draw the attention towards himself. A modest back-roll is not something he would be interested in.

    Leo ascendant personality

    This outward, yet self-centered presence of him often causes others to approach him with a distance and not as personally, since his behavior indicates to others that he is looking for the more dominant standing in a situation. He rarely includes others or better said he rarely involves them.

    More on Leo Ascendant, Leo Rising Sign

    Even as a small child, he tries to do everything right and win praise for it. If he does not succeed in this, he becomes angry. He is reluctant to accept the help of his parents.