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Aquarius Love Week of Jan 8th-14th Something Stable

You have been too busy with work and social obligations. It is high time you took a break and did something for yourself. Your health may need attention.

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Ganesha says, everything else should take a back seat if you're stressed out. Today might be a day of untying and getting out of the tangles, says Ganesha.

You may take the blame for the actions of another. Things may get frustrating around the afternoon and your confidence levels may stoop. Work on your strength and work out your weaknesses, advises Ganesha. You are likely to be concerned about your finances, jointly held assets and property, says Ganesha. Also, you will be a little edgy today. Even the most insignificant problems will dampen your mood.

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You will probably take chances in money matters. Ganesha advises you to keep your cool and return to your charismatic self. People will surround you. You will entertain them with your hilarity. Social contacts will benefit you. Students will excel and concentrate on their work.

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It will be a good day, says Ganesha. Try and put on some protective gear today — maybe a suit of armour should do fine, says Ganesha. For, you may find some need for it on this day of mixed fortunes as you miss out the expected and come face-to-face with the unexpected. Manage through the day somehow, since the day's distress will eventually give way to an evening of ecstasy and a night of pleasant surprises, portends Ganesha.

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Don't dilly-dally when it comes to matters of health, says Ganesha. You look lean and mean to take on those old wounds today. But peace and prosperity are the flavours of the day. Ganesha advises you to invest time in fun and entertainment today — just to get those batteries charged. Ganesha says you will stay in accordance with your prestige or social status. Your innovative ideas will help you progress in your work field.

Now is a good time to put into completion those ideas, which had taken a back seat. Ganesha wishes you a day full of joy and happiness ahead.

Aquarius 12222 Horoscope

It's business time and shock your competitors with the launch of the new product. However, stars are not aligned in a favourable way, which indicates that you may come across some hurdles. Illustration by Amanda Lanzone. The moon in Aquarius makes a helpful connection with lucky Jupiter at AM, creating an abundant energy! Just watch out for arguments and impulsive actions today as communication planet Mercury clashes with combative Mars at AM. The moon in Aquarius illuminates the financial sector of your chart, and while money is on your mind, deeper issues like self-worth are also bubbling up.

Being firm about your boundaries is important today.

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Watch out for an argument at home. The moon is in your sign today, Aquarius! Stay present with your emotions.

Your January 8, 2018 Weekly Horoscope Has A Theme & You're Going To Be Psyched About Yours

It may be easy to get carried away in an argument today as communication planet Mercury squares off with combative Mars; however, an opportunity to put words into action could come, too. Be gentle with yourself today, Pisces! Be careful about impulsive spending and arguments around money, too. The moon in Aquarius lights up the sector of your chart that rules your friendships and communities, finding you eager to network. Your ruling planet Mars clashes with communication planet Mercury this morning—think before you speak!

The moon in Aquarius illuminates the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation today, Taurus.